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“26 Points of Grace: Lasting Memories”

by Joseph Compton


Greetings to the sheep in the flock! Over the past several weeks we have all experienced and adopted a new way of life. We have stayed apart from our church family with the faith that someday we will be able to safely worship together again under one roof.  We will likely never forget our time at home learning how to grow our faith on Sunday mornings from the comfort of our living rooms, but since this is such an extraordinary time for our church family it seems like a moment worth capturing.


Like the 10 commandments recorded on the slabs of stone, we are hoping to document this unique time of the Dover First Congregation so that we may look back someday and remember the ups and downs of the past several weeks. In order to properly document this time we are asking that each family of the congregation submit 2-3 “moments” for the project. These “moments” (in the form of pictures or short videos) should capture how you and those in your household have been going about life during our quarantine. Snap a picture of you watching a church service from home, film a quick snippet of your family night in, or share an art project or drawing you’ve been working on to stay busy whatever way you might want to share. We would like to show how we’ve endured this strange times and build hope as we look to the future.


If you are able to participate and we hope to involve everyone in the congregation as much as possible, please send your “moments” to Joe Compton at 15comptonj@gmail.com or send via text to 330-224-9650. We would like to have everyone’s “moments” submitted by May 22nd. Thank you and God Bless!


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