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Quarts of Love – Delivered                                          

            I would like to thank Julie Williams and Marcia Harding for all of their hard work and dedication last Friday.  They cooked and “stewed” on Friday, March 20, as they made over 40 quarts of homemade broccoli and chicken noodle soup in our church kitchen.  After the dishes were done, they loaded up the car and gave their GPS a tough workout.  Over the river and through the woods, these two Moravian Soup Ladies traveled to the homes on their list – over 40 stops.    What an incredible and encouraging task.  They delivered the goods and all were touched and blessed.  Thank you, sisters.  Well done – good and faithful Christians. 


Holy Week Readings for Home                                                         

            We will place some Holy Week Manuals in the breezeway – between the doors of the church – for you to borrow during the week of Holy Week Readings (April 5 – April 12).  This could be a whole new experience for you and your family.  This quiet and sacred time when we blend the four Gospels together will give you plenty of solace and peace for your soul.  I invite you to read along as we stress these profound images and passages during these stressful days of change. 


I hope this will help. 


Thank you  – Pastor John