Covid-19 Updates to the Congregation

A Message to the  Congregation – March 17, 2020

Dear Flock,

Today, I share with you some very important information from our Joint Board and Staff Meeting on Monday, March 16. We have entered a time that is raw and uncertain for us concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

A decision was made by the Joint Board to cancel all church activities for the next four Sundays through Easter Sunday on April 12, 2020. This will include: All worship services, Lenten meals and programs, Holy Week readings, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Sunday School, choir practices, youth activities, VBS, and Bible Studies. Any extended suspension of service will be evaluated and determined after April 12. The communication will be made through the churchs website, the One Call Nowsystem, letters, and through our new Shepherds Phone Tree.

Here are many ways to help you stay connected to your community of faith. Let me share some of these positive and helpful steps:

  1.      Go to our website for the latest details about the church familys good news. Our website is:
  2.      Monday night we divided up the congregation into smaller flocks of friends and assigned a member of the Joint Board to each group. You will be receiving a call from your Shepherds Phone Tree team.
  3.      We will gather volunteers for our Care Go-For Team” – people willing to help those members in need with errands, purchases, and other issues as needed. I am looking for volunteers to help with this project. Please call the church office to volunteer.
  4.      You will hear daily One Call Nowupdates. If you are not on the One Call Now, call the church office and we can place your name in the system.
  5.      A worship component is being developed as we speak and will be accessed on our website by Sunday, March 29. Look for those messages of grace coming to you soon. Until then, tune into the Provincial Moravian service at:
  6.      Our office and staff will remain working until Tuesday, March 24, when the Board of Trustees will re-allocate personnel, and adjust office hours accordingly.
  7.      CEC is trying to put together a plan to provide materials for family members and their children.

We have taken a lot of new steps in this ministry. I think I have given you enough for now to mull over and sort out. Our lives will remain altered for some time to come. I will do my best to stay in touch with you as we collectively fight this COVID-19 pandemic, with Gods grace and your help.

I close with a reading from the 175th Anniversary booklet. 1918 was a difficult year for our congregation. With WWI raging, eight young men were in the military service, and an influenza (Spanish Flu) gripped the nation. As a result of the epidemic, a decision was made to close the church from October to mid- December. Diary entries indicated that this was a wise decision, as no deaths were reported from within the church family. Comparing this to experiences of other congregations in the Northern Province, Dover was blessed.(Thank you, Lee Elliott, for your writings.)

The mission field has come home to Dover. We are blessed. We have each other. We have a loving Lord. We can still connect with each other via social media or simple phone calls. Call a neighbor today and tell them how much you love them.

Stay healthy. You are loved. Godspeed,

Pastor John

John B. Wallace, Pastor